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We offer event catering of any size and occasion. One of my favorite types of events is baby showers. We can make the surprise much more fun with our cobblers with great food. Other events include church events, parties, and other occasions you may want a fantastic BBQ. We also offer family dinners. If you’re going to order a special dinner at home, choose Michael BBQ. If your occasion is not on this list below, do not worry. Fill out the form, and let’s talk about how we can make the occasion or event.

All food you may order must be preordered as we do smoke all BBQ on low heat and smoke all meats between 6 to 12 hours. We ask for at least 40 hours before or long if you decide to order after the 40 hours marked, we will only accept orders 24 hours ahead of time and ask you to pay 10% more for the work we have to do to produce the food for your event or occasion. We love making fantastic BBQs for events and occasions. The way we smoke the BBQ takes more time but gives it an excellent taste.

Event Types

Catering for Baby shower

Baby Showers

Let us make BBQ at your baby shower. It will be one to remember, and all your friends will want more BBQ. We offer desserts that are to die for as well.

Church Events

Help build up your church community for a meet and greet launch or a celebration. We offer options to help grow your community and connect with your members.


Michael BBQ will help make the party special with fantastic food and great for young people and older adults, always something new to try from birthday parties to holiday parties.

Other Occasion

If you have a different occasion, do not worry. Michael BBQ will work with you to make any event feel special and taste amazing.

Click learn more and tell about your event.

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