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At Michael BBQ we offer catering for all different events from

small parties to weddings. No matter the type of event we give you the highest quality service and the best food to make your event standout. There are couple different types of catering services options. Casual, Business casual, Fancy-wedding each option cost difference but the food quality will always be amazing the difference is the setup, how it severed and the setup. The setup includes Plates, Tablecloths and if you have a theme we try to make the setup standout to be part of theme.  


Dietary & Allergies

Options we offer

Michael BBQ can work with most Dietary needs; please understand if you have vegetarians at the event, we have some fantastic salads recipe that will work with their Dietary needs. If the whole event is vegetarian, we can offer the salads, but that is all we can provide because we are a BBQ that makes meats.


Peanut allergies we understand how dangerous peanut allergies are and how they can be life-threatening. We can provide the basic recipe and clear marking if made with Peanuts. Please note we may make food that has Peanuts around the peanut-free food. Michael BBQ is not liable for any peanut allergy incident from consuming Michael BBQ food.


If there are any other Dietary & Allergies, please contact or add them to the allergies section of the order page.

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