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Business Catering

Business Catering

With Michael BBQ

We have all been to those business meetings where the food is less than average, and people do not eat the food. At Michael BBQ, when you order catering with us for your business meeting, your employees and customer will come back for seconds. We cover many different menu options from pork to chicken and vegetarian salads.


Have your business meeting stand out with Michael BBQ. Always fresh, never frozen, and slow smoke to perfection.

Depending on the meeting you are having, we have different options for serving it. The most popular options are we deliver it to you, and you serve the way you want. If you want it a little bit more casual, we offer a buffo style services where we set up warmers to keep the food warmer and the options of them severing themself or my team severing as they walk through the buffo. If you want to wow your employees and customers, we have a full service where we take their orders and bring them fancy plates.

Finish the meeting

With Desert

The meeting went well, and you feel like it’s time to end but before you complete the meeting, celebrate with some of Michael BBQ deserts. We offer fantastic desert, from brownies to a cobbler. If you do not know what cobbler you need to try, it is better than pie. At Michael BBQ, we do a crumble that gives a crunch taste with only fresh fruit.


We make all the desserts from scratch. The benefit for Michael BBQ is making it from scratch. It allows us to work with people with allergies.

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