Michael BBQ

Our Short History


William Michael is the founder of Michael BBQ with over 7 years of experience making BBQ and 100 hours of smoking incredible BBQ for his family and friends. William Passion for BBQ started when he was in High School. William wanted to learn how to make Incredible BBQ & after many failures. William began to create incredible recipes that made people fall in love with his BBQ, and this is how Michael BBQ was formed in 2019.


What Makes Us Different

What makes Catering with Michael BBQ different than other companies is we take pride in making the most tasteful BBQ you can ever eat. All our food is prepared with

in-house dry rubs & sauces.

We smoke all the BBQ on low heat to build a mouthwatering BBQ that will melt in your mouth and make any celebration standout

The Future

Growth Michael BBQ

Michael BBQ Plans to open a food truck in the next 4 years. We believe that after growing experiences, we can grow serving BBQ every day. The way for Michael BBQ to get to this goal is by Getting investors and gaining recognition in the community.

We want to be part of the community and find ways to give back. The founder William Michael was a Missionary for 4 years and understood the importance of giving back to the community and the veterans that gave us the freedom to start Michael BBQ. If you would love more information, please contact us below.

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